About Us

About our Business

Lingerie by Susan, is backed up by over thirty years of experience in the women undergarment industry. Our store has been operating in the current location of 9 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ, since 1988 with previous locations in and around New-York Metropolitan areas. Our expert staff takes the time to offer the proper undergarment that fits your body for any given occasion, be it a wedding, a vacation, a party or for everyday use. We at Lingerie by Susan know that not everyone is built the same. Bodies come in different shapes and sizes. We will patiently work with every customer until the right undergarment is found for the right body. Since we carry a large inventory with a wide selection of size and colors, customers almost never leave empty handed.

This site is an extension of our commitment to our loyal customers who have been shopping with us for years. It is also an invitation to anyone that needs an undergarment, which is right for the attire, feels comfortable and compliments the body. We carefully designed this site to provide an easy to use, easy to navigate shopping tool that can be understood by the population at large and not just by the computer savvy. Our aim is to provide a superior service by delivering to you the garment you need, fast. Since we are not only a web site but also a brick and mortar store front, you can be assured that any issues you may have, any help you may need and any questions you need clarified, will be promptly answered by one of our experienced, friendly and professional staff.


About our Product

Every season, our product line is carefully selected by our buyer. With quality as a prime consideration, we keep a log of customer's requests and pay close attention to comments that reveal their needs. Staying current with fashion, we add all contemporary colors and styles to our basics. We than take this input into our next season's merchandise order. The result is a well-balanced stock of items that will fit right on women of all ages and body shape.

Variety of in stock merchandise is our primary strength. We stock a wide selection of hard to find sizes and styles to satisfy most visiting customers. If not seen on line, call us, we probably haven't had a chance to enter it in our database yet. We carry bras in sizes from 28 to 54 with cups from AA to N. We carry a wide variety of panties, girdles, bridal wear, sleepwear, hosiery, swimwear and beautiful sensual lingerie.

We also carry a large selection of bathing suits all year round. It comes in handy for someone going on a cruise or a winter vacation to a warmer climate beach resort. We can offer you a large selection of bathing suits for last minute shopping. As swim suits items constantly change, we suggest visiting our store for purchase as we may not have all items on our web site.